In the classes last post regarding the Helvetica movie, the movie touches upon topics regarding how Helvetica is still one of the most used type faces in regards to people typing. In the movie it discusses the originators of  Helvetica being Edward Hoffman and Max Metinger, in regards to how they wanted it to come … More Helvetica

DetachMe- A Social Media Experience (Final Project)

In today’s society there are a numerous amount of distractions that can influence a college student from deviating from their essential goal of passing their courses while studying for exams. Whether this being taking part in social activities with friends and family, or attending different events around campus. One of the main issues for myself … More DetachMe- A Social Media Experience (Final Project)


In regards to the first question, if we are living in a surveillance state, I would have to say I completely agree that we are living in that sense. Reason being is that everything that we do regardless if it is where we go, what we search, or who we are speaking with, everything is … More Privacy?

The Flaws in Patents

In regards to the question directed towards if the interviewers performing an illegal act since they were interviewing the patent holder for a podcast, I do not see it as an illegal act. Reason being is that,Zoe, the interviewer, let the patent holder’s know from the beginning of the interview that they would not be … More The Flaws in Patents


https://www.codecademy.com/learn/javascript In today’s workplace, it is vital to establish a concrete idea of what you want your organization to represent as a whole. Whether that being what your brand is, or how you want your message to be delivered. In every organization, how you get your message across of what you represent is instrumental to long-term … More Coding